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На красный

На маленьком острове в Антарктике происходят регулярные изнасилования, некоторые из которых заканчиваются смертельным исходом.Официальный текст:Horny seals rape king penguins on a lonely island in the AntarcticAdolescent seals with raging hormones and a lack of sexual experience are forcing themselves onto nonconsenting penguins. The victims are the king penguins on Marion Island, situated between South Africa and Antarctica. Four instances of seal-on-penguin horror have been documented by the journal Polar Biology. The act was first recorded back in 2006 and was thought to have been an isolated incident. Three more cases have since been documented on the same island. Most cases resulted a somewhat happy ending for the victim. However, one penguin was raped to death before it became a meal for the horngry seal. “Seals have a capacity for learning,” said mammal expert Nico de Bruyn who thinks sex with penguins may be becoming a learned behavior. Let’s hope the bird-brained penguins can use power in numbers to stop this awful trend.Видео (НЕ ДЛЯ СЛАБОНЕРВНЫХ!!!):<br/><br/>

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