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От автора: Это произошло возле школьной остановки,у ТАТРЫ отлетело колесо, и чудом не попало в стоящих на остановке людей...От себя: Никогда не пытайтесь такое остановить самостоятельно, пусть даже оно еле катится!<br/><br/>

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RAW VIDEO: High Speed Powerboat Crash on Potomac River<br/>Two men have been killed after they fell out of a 36-foot catamaran on the Potomac River Saturday, according to Maryland Natural Resources Police. The crash happened about noon near Fairview Beach in King George County, Virginia. Police have identified the boaters as 49-year-old James A. Melley of Buford, Georgia, and 61-year-old Garth Thomas Tagge, of Atlanta. Melley was driving the boat and Tagge was the throttleman, police said. A spokesperson for police said the boat involved in the crash is capable of going 190 miles per hour and police are trying to figure out if the men were racing the boat. "MD NRP did not sanction a race, but it looks like it occurred at the Potomac River Radar Run," the spokesperson told News4 in a statement. It is not known at this time how fast the boat was going when it crashed. The boat has an open cockpit, the spokesperson said. News Source: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/2-Men-Dead-in-Boat-Crash-on-Potomac-River-397201541.html Additional News Sources: https://speedonthewater.com/in-the-news/4021-tagge-and-melley-die-in-potomac-river-radar-run-accident http://missourinetwork.tv/shootout-catamaran-racers-killed-in-virginia-had-ran-194-mph-top-cat-over-summer/ Video Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1194239253968907&id=802319136494256 For Raw News and Videos, Hit the SUBSCRIBE Button! Don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/PropagandaMachine1

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