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A baby had a miracle escape after his dad's car careered on its roof<br/>A baby had a miracle escape when his dad's car careered on its roof across a motorway inches from a lorry - all captured on dashboard camera. In a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie, the four-month-old tot was in a baby seat when the car flipped over, leaving a trail of sparks as it missed the lorry before hitting another car. The terrifying crash was caught on the dashboard camera of the lorry it missed - but as the driver witnessed the M5 carnage. The shocked driver pulled over to find the baby had survived with his parents upside down in the front seats. The dashcam drama was released by haulage firm Owens Group, based in Llanelli, South Wales, today after the incredible crash on the M5 in the Midlands. For usage rights email videos@walesnews.com or call 029 20 668911


ДТП Пенза 07.02.2017<br/>ДТП 07.02.2017 Пенза ул. Зеленодольская - дублёр ул. Окружной.

ДТП Пенза ул.Зеленодольская


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