ОПС, почти.

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фулл эпик пве с метасокетом на ловкость и хардкапом уклонения, не иначе!<br/><br/>

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Авария! В Казахстане Карагандинская область.<br/>Авария! В Казахстане Карагандинская область. На гололеде не справился с управлениям!!

Тонировочку пацанскую не забыл..

Landslide Elk City, ID. Feb. 18, 2016 Bret Edwards<br/>WARNING: Foul Language! My husband, Bret Edwards and fellow co-workers were working on clearing small debris from Hwy 14 near Elk City, Id. when all heck broke loose! This has been a problem area for sometime, so whenever small rocks start coming down they get out of the way and wait for it to stop trickling. Bret usually gets out his phone and shoots some video just in case. This time it payed off! This was a very close call for the entire crew, things could have turned out much worse. Not only was there the threat of a massive landslide, there are overhead power lines that came crashing down onto the front loader and right where Bret was standing. This is a crazy, real life scary moment. I am thankful to still have him, and the rest of the guys! No one was injured. In the winter, this highway is the only way in and out of Elk City, Dixie and other small communities up river. Thank you for viewing. This video belongs to Bret and Londa Edwards. Do not use this video without written consent from its owner.



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