Пермь. Дорога на красавинский мост

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Ой, Ай...

Первой минуты будет достаточно<br/><br/>

Не забываем Сочи

Lewiston Police - Ambush<br/>LEWISTON, ID - A 22-year-old fugitive was taken into custody after he attempted to ambush a Lewiston Police Officer. The incident, which happened in the 1300 block of 16th Avenue, was caught on camera. According to KLEW, a vehicle driven by the mother of Jesse Harrell was pulled over for not having a license plate. Officer Tom Woods felt there was something wrong and after he called for backup, Harrell comes out of the trunk armed with what appears to be a gun. Woods wrestles him to the ground. More from KLEW: http://klewtv.com/news/local/caught-on-camera-a-foiled-police-ambush-that-happened-in-lewiston .

Короткое кино про Джесси Харрела и мать его


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