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Баку, автобус рейс 51, беспредел.<br/>Баку, автобус рейс 51, беспредел.

9 января в Баку

RTD A-Line Commuter Train Vs. Van Crash (Video 1)<br/>This video footage of an RTD train Vs. vehicle crash that occurred at the railroad crossing located at North Chambers Avenue and East Smith Road in Aurora, Colorado on February 14, 2017 at 3:38AM. Video footage is from two camera's mounted at the RR crossing. APD New Release: https://www.auroragov.org/blog/One.aspx?portalId=2869361&postId=6954157&portletAction=viewpost RTD Statement regarding release of this video: The Chambers crossing videos released by Aurora Police this morning of the tragic incident involving the University of Colorado A Line and a van on Tuesday show two different cameras angles. It is extremely important to note that the crossing's ENTRANCE gates activate properly – behind the van that drove into the intersection and stopped – and well before the train enters the intersection and impacts the van. There are other angles that show the crossing's EXIT gates, that also activated properly, by remaining open (to allow a vehicle that is inside the entrance gates to escape the intersection prior to the arrival of the train) and then the exit gates properly close. There is also a traffic signal near the EXIT gates that properly remains green after the ENTRANCE gates close, which lets the vehicle driver know they should get out of the intersection while the EXIT gates remain up. The distinction between the entrance gates versus the exit gates is very important otherwise it will likely give the absolutely incorrect impression regarding the proper functioning of the gates at that intersection. Please feel free to contact Scott Reed or Nate Currey at RTD if further clarification is needed. RTD’s mission is to provide safe, clean, reliable, courteous, accessible and cost-effective bus and rail services in the eight-county district, and fulfills 100 million passenger trips annually. The public transit agency is creating a larger, better and more accessible system through innovation, public-private partnerships and transit-oriented communities. Visit RTD-denver.com.

Продолжаем день поездов

Разборки на дороге. Бросили машину и ушли<br/>

Всегда так с женой ездим!


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